« Offer a high value-added outsourcing solution »

Le FABRIKANT is a young and dynamic company, born from a desire to combine modernity, family tradition and qualified manpower. We accompany our customers from the realization of prototypes to the manufacturing and delivery of finished products.

Our goal is to offer our customers, whether young designers or established brands, a unique subcontracting solution with real added value. Indeed, the Fabrikant combines the experience of a qualified workforce with an accompaniment and a personalized advice, at rates adapted to the needs.

After studying fashion in Paris and Lyon, Hind Bennis worked in France for the marketing and development departments of prestigious luxury brands, both international and more confidential.

Returning to Morocco in 2010, she decided to create “Le Fabrikant” in Casablanca by taking over the family workshop, founded and run by her father in the 1970s.